Largest Solar Rooftop In Europe Complete, In Germany!



The largest self-consumption rooftop solar array in  Europe has been completed, and it is of course located in Germany. It is eleven  hectares in size, consists of 33,000 solar panels, and has a generation capacity  of 8.1 MW (which could power up to about 1,846 homes).

The record-breaking solar roof is on top of the Pfenning Logistics  distribution centre named multicube rhein-neckar, which is located in  the Heddesheim municipality, a bit south of Frankfurt. The building was  recently constructed and has been owned by Union Investment as of 2012.

Dennis Seiberth, president of international large-scale projects at the  project development company Wirsol, said: “In this size we usually build solar  parks.” He added that Wirsol was ambitious in its aims to build the plant in  four weeks.